Renewed Hope

Writing in my blog again, is exciting. Coming back from a holiday overseas gives a renewed hope. Renewed anticipation and renewed commitments. Well, I have been lucky in terms of love and family, my husband and children have been a great source of inspiration. They are my world and I’m blessed to have such a lovely family. My teaching journey had been a great adventure so far. This is not possible without my family member’s support, I believe this is a crucial factor in achieving a rewarding and satisfying career.

I was able to clock in many teaching days at all schools; both primary and secondary. Also, it is fulfilling to go into different schools and practice my teachings skills with lots of passion and enthusiasm. Thanks to the lovely teachers that I knew in these schools, and again without them, it would have been so much harder to get into teaching in Sydney. Overall, a great satisfaction, knowingly, my passion for teaching had been fulfilled, slowly and steadily.

Needless to say that casual teaching involves numerous challenges, charm and contest as I experienced teaching and learning in varied school environment, whilst managing my role as a mum and wife effectively. Apart from these reasons, casual teaching relinquishes different skills; skills that are needed to teach in both types of primary and secondary school. For example, in Primary teaching I tend to focus more on students’ ethics,values and behavior, ensuring they are cared for as respected individuals. Teaching students about the importance of mannerism and discipline are infused together with the content itself.

No one day is a boring day! My nurturing and compassionate skills manifest as a result of teaching in these schools. Well, isn’t it true that they say ‘in primary school you’re teaching the child, whereas, in secondary school you’re teaching the subject’. Having said this, I really appreciate and value my teaching days at at Darcy Road Public Parramatta Public and lately, Jasper Road Public. In Jasper Road, I had experienced the true meaning of “making a difference”, while teaching in the support unit. Teaching students with austism and mild disability are another rewarding experience.

Though, I’m a high school trained teacher, as a casual teacher I’m allowed to teach in primary schools here in Sydney. I did a Montessori early childhood qualification long ago and it proved to be handy now when I needed the most at this stage of teaching. Definitely a bonus, I guess. Students are amazing in all these schools, they simply enjoy my teaching and would love to have me again in their class. I really love to teach and this is what I wanted to do all along. Finally, my passion is being fully utilized, adding on to another milestone of achievement.

On contrast in high school teaching, I had experienced a different teaching environment. Last year, especially in Bonnyrigg High School, I was asked to teach Indonesian language. Wow…!, I thought. Since, I came from Malaysia I was able to teach Indonesian as both languages have similar features, except in Indonesian language, we tend to stress the words more when we are pronouncing a particular word. So, it was good to teach a new subject and to gain a different kind of knowledge. It was a block teaching and basically it improved my level of confidence in teaching a new subject.

Similar situation happened in Ashfield Boys High, I taught different subjects such as Business Studies, Legal Studies and Commerce. My love for English is so profound that I had a few chances of teaching this subject to some senior students, explaining about the language techniques used in poems and novels. Further explaining how to analyse the text using language as a tool to create meaning. Admittedly, I truly enjoyed teaching this subject too, eventhough this is not my specialization.

I found teaching these subjects were easy due to the fact that I had done all these subjects while at High School. Not only that, in my Business Studies qualification I took the subjects as well. I can utilise my knowledge from my previous accounting and management careers, too. Moreover, I have had some exposure teaching Economic and Business Studies back home in Malaysia, while working in a College. Therefore, I’m fully prepared to teach a variety of different subjects with high level of confidence. Of course, my master’s of teaching from University of New South Wales gets a special mention as this is where I learned how to teach using differentiation and practice them in real time teaching. Of a particular benefit was having to study two units of gifted and talented courses, which proved to be useful as it gives knowledge and understanding to plan my lesson. In retrospect, I believe with experience comes confidence.

The opportunity to teach in Ashfield Boys High was quite meaningful to me because this is the very first suburb that I lived in when I newly migrated to Australia. My children studied in the nearby Ashfield Public School. The Primary and High School is located in the same area and I am proud to say that I have had a great time teaching in this wonderful school. Walking along the path to this school brought back a lot of memories as I used to walk to the Public School to send my children there, many years ago. I believe it has some element of historical significance to me.

For me, undoubtedly, it’s a great journey in my teaching career. I truly treasure my teaching days in all these schools, irrespective of which school I have taught or going to teach. At the end of the day, I am delighted to achieve my aim. My aim of becoming a teacher and helping young people to achieve success in their lives. With this aim, I’m hoping to get a school, a school that can be proud to have me as a passionate and enthusiastic teacher. Till then, my hope never fades.


A student named Honey from Darcy Road Public wrote about me when I was teaching in her class last year. Ms Murphy was a talented and passionate teacher whom I always adore. It’s nice to get recognition from students comparing me to her classroom teacher. (PS-she wrote it herself without me asking. )


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